Ed Newman
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Full Name:

Ed Newman


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Portrayed by:

Ben Schumann

Ed Newman is a seventeen year old, male character from Brisbane, Australia. He is best friends with Tammy Lane having known her since he was five and was friends with Luke Gallagher until he started drifting into the other crowd. Ed is a computer geek and socially awkward and has a crush on Scarlett Carlyle.

Ed's gallery.


  • "I wanna have a massive party, with fireworks, dancing girls, a parade and a big sign that says "Happy birthday, Ed. You rock." (Episode One)
  • "Fucking you was the worst mistake I ever made!" (To Phillipa in Episode Eight)


  • He was one of the central characters for Episode One's plot.
  • He works at the hotel Scarlett's dad owns.
  • He turned seventeen in Episode One.
  • He dyed his hair blonde in the first episode, including his crotch.
  • He has a crush on Scarlett.
  • He lost his virginity to Phillipa in Episode Two and has had sex with Tammy.
  • He kissed a man in Episode Four.
  • He hooked up with Eva in Episode Four.


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