Episode Four







Original airdate:

6 September, 2011


Episode Three


Episode Five

Episode Four is the fourth episode of the Australian television series SLiDE. It aired 6 September, 2011 on Fox8.

Plot Synopsis


Ed's feeling frisky but things go sideways when first he's caught in a compromising position, and then in the same night has two unexpected sexual encounters that take this geek from zero to hero, and back again.


  • Eva and Ed hooked up.
  • Luke and Tammy kissed for the first time.
  • Both Ed and Scarlett kiss someone of the same sex in this episode.


  • (Eva): "I think it means that you like people for who they are, not what they are."
  • (Scarlett): "Right, this means war. I'm bringing out the weapons of massive destruction and invading the hell out of this crappy little empire." (Eva): "You can be scary." (Scarlett): "Thank you."
  • (Ed): "So, if my best friend and your casual bit on the side get together. I guess that just leaves you and me." (Scarlett): "We'll see."
  • (Scarlett about Ed): "He's kind of adorable, though. In a 'he'd just be so grateful' kinda way."
  • (Ed): "This is not what I thought my first night at a club would be like." (Eva): "It's never the nights you plan that are huge, it's like the nights you think you're just going to the supermarket you wind up having the greatest night of your life."
  • (Scarlett): "Hey Lady! How are you doin'?" (Eva): "Best day of my life!" (Scarlett): "I came to cheer you up with brunch!" (Eva): "Never say brunch."
  • (Eva): "Don't look in the mirror when you're on it. It's like the number one rule of illegal substances."

Featured Music

  • "St Tropez" by Summer Cats.
  • "Something New" by David Sugar.
  • "Strawberries" by Asobi Seksu.
  • "Castles in the Air" by Bag Raiders.
  • "Gameland" by Pikelet.
  • "Sometimes" by Miami Horror.
  • "Freedom" by Kid Mac.



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