Episode Ten







Original airdate:

18 October, 2011


Episode Nine


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Episode Ten is the tenth episode of the Australian television series, SLiDE. The episode also marks the season finale of Season One. It aired on 18 October, 2011 on Fox8

Plot SynopsisEdit

Schoolies is over and Tammy is still a virgin. Her desperate attempts to fix this, at a festival, prove tricky when she somehow finds herself in the midst of a hostage drama at Luke's house.


  • Tammy loses her virginity in this episode to Ed but also has sex with Luke afterwards.
  • Eva sees Tammy and Luke having sex.
  • No one in the group is a virgin anymore after this episode.


  • (Scarlett to Tammy about first time sex): "Baby, this is my first time; I wanted it to be really special. You have to make me want you. Like if he says: "I wanna touch you so bad." you say: "Oh you wanna touch me? You think you're ready for that?"
  • (Luke): "Tams?" (Tammy): "Huh?" (Luke): "I've never said this to anyone before..." (Tammy): "What?" (Luke): "I love you, I always did."

Featured MusicEdit

  • "Two's Company" by Winter People.
  • "Overpass" by John Steel Singers.
  • "Hey You" by Summer Cats.
  • "Flashback" by Dan Block.
  • "Acid Science" by Dan Block.
  • "Amnesia" by Dan Block.
  • "Need You Now" by Cut Copy.
  • "Rumps N Pumps" by Gameboy Gamegirl.
  • "Culture Vultures In Yr 2008" by Ball Park.
  • "I Feel It" by I Heart Hiroshima.
  • "Knew That I Loved You" (Clue to Kalo mix) by Magic Silver White.
  • "The Ballad of Robert Brown" by Radio Star.
  • "Only the Brave" by World's End Press.
  • "Freedom" by Kid Mac.
  • "Wir Haben Geheimniesse" by Seja.
  • "Swept Inside" by Future Islands.
  • "I Can Show You" by Tim & Jean.
  • "Helena Beat" by Foster the People.



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