Eva Lee

Full Name:

Eva Lee







Hair colour:

Pink with black highlights

Eye colour: Brown


Portrayed by:

Adele Perovic

Eva Lee is a seventeen year old female character. She often keeps to herself at school and is quite a solitary person however, has developed a likening towards Scarlett Carlyle, whom she was in detention with. Eva is notoriously known for burning the word 'Sanctuary' onto the school oval with Scarlett as an act of rebellion against the teacher who put her in detention.

Character History

In Episode One, she is first seen in detention with Scarlett and another girl. She is later seen on the school oval, and Scarlett helps her set fire to the word 'santuary' on the school oval. Soon, Tammy, Ed and Luke arrive, and when the sprinklers come on, they dance around and laugh.

In Episode Two, she is first seen cleaning the hotel.

In Episode Three, she takes Tammy to a concert for an interview.


  • Eva rides a scooter.
  • She is adopted and has a biological brother.
  • Eva has had sex with Ed and a married man.
  • Her parents are doctors.


  • "Did you just say I look retarded? I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to say that." .



Eva's Gallery

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