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Leva (L/uke and Eva) is the romantic pairing of Luke Gallagher and Eva Lee. In Episode Five, they share a few moments in Luke's swimming pool but nothing happens between them. It hasn't been revealed that either character has romantic feelings for the other but it is hinted they have a strong friendship.

Leva EvidenceEdit

  • Episode One
    • Eva winks at Luke
    • They hug each other at the school oval.
  • Episode Five
    • They share a few moments together in Luke's swimming pool; nothing serious or romantic though.
    • Eva helps Luke pulls the cart.
    • Luke agrees with Ed on jumping Eva
  • Episode Six
    • Luke twirls Eva by the fire.
  • Episode Seven
    • They lie down together on the slide in the playground.
  • Episode Eight
    • Luke goes to Eva's house to see her.
    • Luke leaves with Eva.
    • Luke and Eva personal moments by the swing.


Leva Gallery

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