Scarlett Carlyle
Scarlett Carlyle

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Scarlett Carlysle







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Tony Carlyle (Father)

Portrayed by:

Emily Robins

Scarlett Carlyle is a seventeen year old female character on SLiDE who recently moved from Melbourne to Brisbane, Australia. She currently lives in a hotel suite, which her dad owns. Scarlett is known to cause trouble and often seeks attention from those around her. As seen in Episode One, she has a distant relationship with her father and he ocassionaly calls her a brat, thinking it was because of her mother.

Character History

Previously, Scarlett lived with her mum and got in trouble at a school of nuns because she was having sex with a guy. Scarlett is a trouble maker when living with her mum and dad.

In Episode One, she shows up in detention only three weeks in, meeting Eva Lee. It is also discovered she lives in a hotel suite as her father owns the hotel. She holds a party for Ed when she discovers it's his birthday. The party she hosts ended up costing the hotel lots of money to fix the damages. She storms off to the school and finds Eva setting fire to the school oval. She helps Eva pour the fuel and videos the entire incident. Her and the gang are later arrested due to the party at the hotel and are bailed out of jail by her father. As a punishment, her father makes her as well as the gang to work off the costs of bail and the hotel damages by doing daily shifts at the hotel, cleaning.

In Episode Two, she forces the gang into a road trip when Ed finds a phone in the back seat of a limo belonging to a sex worker. She decides to make the owner of the phone as well as her clients pay money to stop them from spreading their secret. The money made went to her father to pay for the cost of the damages made from the party the previous night.

In Episode Three, she is seen arriving at Tammy's house to help babysit her younger brother. She and Luke also make out in this episode.


  • (To Eva): "I got lost! What are you doing here besides creeping around in the dark like a freaky, emo vampire?"


  • The first episode centered around her and Ed.
  • Helped Eva burn the word 'Sanctuary' onto the school oval.
  • Three weeks into school, she was put into detention where she met Eva.
  • Made out with Luke in the first and third episode.
  • Kissed a girl in Episode Four and also kissed Tammy in Episode Eight.



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