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Tuke, Lammy


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Tuke (T/ammy-L/uke) is the romantic pairing of Tammy Lane and Luke Gallagher from SLiDE. It has been revealed the Luke likes Tammy, and it is hinted that Tammy likes him as well.

Tuke is also called Lammy (L/uke- T/ammy) by some.

Tuke Evidence

  • Episode One
    • Tammy seems jealous when she sees Scarlett and Luke kissing
    • Luke hugs Tammy in the sprinkler
  • Episode Two
    • Luke and Tammy share a moment under the shower at the beach.
    • They almost kiss.
    • When Tammy is impersonating Scarlett, Luke comes into the room and offers to undo Scarlett's bra which Tammy has put on her shirt.
    • Luke wheels Tammy around the footpath near the beach in a wheelie bin.
  • Episode Three
    • Luke rides Tammy to the gig with The Last Dinosaurs.
  • Episode Four
    • They kiss at the club.
  • Episode Five
    • They kiss in the back of Luke's brother's ute.
    • Tammy takes photos of Luke.
    • Tammy goes to Luke's room after he was punched by his brother.
  • Episode Six
    • Luke and Tammy break it off when Tammy found out about Scarlett and Luke's hook-up.
  • Episode Ten
    • Luke tells Tammy he never stopped loving her and they kiss.
    • Tammy ends up having sex with Luke.


  • They almost kissed in Episode Two.
  • They got together in Episode Four.
  • They broke up in Episode Six.
  • It is believed Luke and Tammy have since started up their relationship again in Episode Ten as they kiss and have sex.


  • (Luke to Tammy): "Hey Tammy, come here." *kisses her*
  • (Luke): "Tams?" (Tammy): "Huh?" (Luke): "I've never said this to anyone before..." (Tammy): "What?" (Luke): "I love you, I always did."

Tuke Fanfiction

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